Honestly, these are amazing. Skinnies WEB holds dressings in place, especially difficult areas. They keep me nice and cool."  - EB Patient
I can't believe how comfortable they are. It feels like I'm naked!" - Child Eczema Patient
Lauren is over the moon with the WEB's!!! She cant thank you enough." - EB patient's Mum
Finally, a garment to keep my dressings in place that is not WHITE!!!" - EB Patient
My little boy has been in his 'Skinnies' for 5 nights and I can't believe the difference – amazing." - Eczema Patient's Mum
I am so pleased with the results of using the skinnies for my 3 year old boy.    He suffers really bad with his skin condition and after only a few days of using the silk skinnies his skin improved dramatically and they are so much more practical to use." - Eczema Patient
My daughter is using the Skinnies Silk. They are so comfortable for her sensitive skin.  It is wonderful watching her sleep peacefully and being able to sleep in peace myself." - Sensitive Skin Patient's Mum
Our grandson has been wearing the Skinnies we sent to him and his eczema has cleared considerably! Thank you." -Eczema Patient's Grandmother