Silk Vs Cotton

All Skinnies garments are built using custom knitting machines that provide a soft, close knit weave for strength and durability.

All Skinnies Garments are the finest quality and built with sensitive skin issues in mind:

So, we know that Skinnies is an excellent choice, but you are probably wondering, how do I choose between Silk and Cotton?  What is the difference?

Both Skinnies Silk and Skinnies Cotton offer excellent adjunct treatments for eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, EB, wounds and a host of other irritations of the skin. The main difference between the Silk and the Cotton products are listed below:

The Benefits of Skinnies Silk:

Skinnies Silk has the added protection of a permanent, non migrating antimicrobial bonded to the fabric:

The Benefits of Skinnies Cotton:

Skinnies Cotton Viscose is a totally plant based fibre that is actually less harmful to the environment than regular cotton.

Skinnies Cotton Viscose has the following benefits: