Sleeveless T-Shirt in Silk (Mens)

Skinnies Silk Sleeveless T-Shirt increases the effectiveness of your eczema treatment, stops eczema itchiness and immediately starts healing the eczema flare. Excellent for day or night time use.  Totally Breathable and made with 360 degree stretch.  Skinnies Silk Sleeveless T-Shirt for eczema  and atopic dermatitis is made with medical grade silk and a patented drug free antimicrobial that does not wash off or get absorbed by the wearer.  Make the best eczema cream even more effective with the use of Skinnies Silk T-Shirt with antimicrobial. This combination helps to dramatically minimize eczema itchiness, sores, flares, infections and discomfort.  Stop the itch, heal the skin. A must have in your eczema and seborrheic dermatitis treatment regimen!

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Price $120.00

Skinnies Silk Short Sleeved T-Shirt is completely seamless and offers a 360 degree stretch.   Excellent for use with your traditional eczema creams and ointments.  Simply apply medications as you regularly would, allow a minute or two for absorbtion, then put on the medical grade silk with antimicrobial T-Shirt.  Eczema itchiness is calmed within the hour.  Silk helps balance pH levels and maintain hydration of the skin.  Medical grade silk helps regulate body temperature and decrease eczema itchiness. Whether you are using eczema home remedies, or more rigorous eczema medical treatment, Skinnies Silk Short Sleeved T-Shirt will enhance the effectiveness of the eczema treatment while providing comfort and relief for eczema itchiness. Does not look medical and can be worn at night as pyjamas, or during the day under regular clothes or on its own.  Using Skinnies Silk garments is the easiest  eczema treatment you will ever use.

Size Chart

Adult Garment Sizes

garment sizes small medium large
To fit chest (inches) 28" - 36" 36" - 46" 46" - 60"
To fit chest (cm) 71cm - 91.5cm 91.5cm - 116.5cm 116.5cm - 152.5cm
To fit waist (inches) 28" - 36" 36" - 46" 46" - 60"
To fit waist (cm) 71cm - 91.5cm 91.5cm - 116.5cm 116.5cm - 152.5cm


Child Garment Sizes

Legs Inside Leg Waist Circumference
6-24mth 13" - 15" 10" - 13.5"
6-24mth 33cm - 38cm 25cm - 35cm
2-5yr 15" - 17.5" 12" - 15.5"
2-5yr 39cm - 44cm 30cm - 40cm
5-8yr 17.5" - 19.5" 13.5" - 17.5"
5-8yr 45cm - 50cm 35cm - 45cm
8-11yr 20" - 23.5" 18" - 21.5"
8-11yr 51cm - 60cm 46cm - 55cm
11-14yr 24" - 27.5" 22" - 25.5"
11-14yr 61cm - 70cm 56cm - 65cm


Tops Chest Circumference
6-24mth 13" - 15.5"
6-24mth 33cm - 40cm
2-5yr 14" - 17.5"
2-5yr 36cm - 45cm
5-8yr 18" - 21.5"
5-8yr 46cm - 55cm
8-11yr 20.5" - 23.5"
8-11yr 53cm - 60cm
11-14yr 24" - 27.5"
11-14yr 61cm - 70cm

How to measure for gloves


  • Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb) in INCHES
  • Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand
  • Use the LARGEST of these two measurements for the correct size glove
  • If you are RIGHT handed, take measurements from your RIGHT hand
  • If you are LEFT handed, take measurements from your LEFT hand
  • The number of inches measured equals the size of the glove
  • Example: A 7" measurement equals a size 7 glove

Glove and Mitten Sizes

Circumference of hand in inches Small Medium Large
Mens and Womens Gloves 7.5" 8.5 9.0
Childrens Gloves and Mittens (by age) 2-3 years 3-4 years 4-5 years