Skinnies frequently asked questions

Skinnies Silk is expensive. Can in really make that much of a difference to my eczema?
Skinnies Silk is an investment that works in combination with your existing eczema medications. Because Skinnies Silk treats eczema infection, alleviates eczema flares including itching and discomfort, you will use less medication.  This makes the over all cost of eczema treatment less.  Skinnies is the easiest treatment to use. It is non invasive and easy to wear as well as durable, long lasting and clinically effective offering great value.

Can I use my medical creams with Skinnies?
Yes, any cream and lotions will work with Skinnies.

Can I use Skinnies for Wet Wrapping? 
Yes, absolutely.  However, many clinics prefer to use Skinnies as a dry wrap because it is very effective as is.  You should always talk to your doctor prior to proceeding with wet wrapping.

How long should my Skinnies garments last? 
Skinnies silk should last the age range of the garment.  It is very durable.  The Skinnies cotton viscose will last approximately 50 washes, however, this is dependent on garment care and usage.

Wear and care – how to care for the garments? 
The Skinnies garments are machine washable.  Please see washing instructions provided in packaging for details.

What is the antimicrobial and how does it work?
The antimicrobial in Skinnies Silk is non invasive, does not leach out of the fabric and requires no maintenance.  For more on our antimicrobial, please visit our antimicrobial page.

What makes Skinnies Silk ‘Medical Grade’?
Medical grade silk which is seracin free.  The silk yarn used in Skinnies is the same as that used in medical sutures and operating theatre rooms.

How often do I need to wear Skinnies?
Skinnies is best worn daily.  This allows the silk and antimicrobial to do its job. For medical wraps, it should be worn as directed by your physician.

These garments appear to be quite snug fitting. Why is that?
Skinnies works as a ‘second skin’ and the close fit allows you to feel comfortable while the garment is doing its job.

Return policy
We accept returns on unopened, unworn garments within 30 days of purchase.