Managing wound care

Whether managing wounds from diabetes, injury, surgery or burns, wound care dressings need to be kept in place.  Dressing retention is a major factor in wound care management that impacts outcomes for wound care patients.

Skinnies WEB  was designed by medical professionals at Kings College in London after 3 years of rigorous research and development.  Standard elasticated bandage retention often results in slippage in dressings due to the movement of the patient.  Using the Skinnies WEB for dressing retention helps keep bandages in place with ease and comfort while allowing a full range of motion for the patient.  In studies, Skinnies WEB offers the following advantages:

For health care providers, the benefits of Skinnies WEB are also:

Effective wound care management means healthier, happier patients.  To view our Skinnies WEB line, click here.