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Skinnies Clothing - Stop the Itch and Heal the Skin

Because we are parents too...
At Skinnies, our passion comes from real life experience and understanding of those who have suffered the discomfort, itchiness, embarrassment and hassle of chronic skin conditions.  Traditionally, clothing choice has never really been discussed other than ‘don’t wear synthetics and always choose cotton’.  However, science has proven that clothing choice should not be an afterthought.

Medical Grade Silk with antimicrobial has been proven to:

Cotton Viscose is currently used in eczema treatment centres around the globe for both wet and dry wrapping.  It does not look medical so kids don’t feel self conscious while wearing it.  Because Skinnies comes in blue, pink or white, kids get a choice that helps them feel empowered.

Skinnies Clothing offers an easy adjunct treatment to your child’s regular treatment regimens.  It is the easiest medicine to take!  Put Skinnies on as you would regular undergarments, and see the remarkable results that science has proven.

Take a look at what your children are wearing now.

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Skinnies are designed to look good and feel great to wear, but with a serious medical purpose in mind. Designed and manufactured from anti-irritant yarn with unique Seamfree technology.

All of our products are available on prescription, or you can buy online.