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Anybody that has a skin condition, or a family member with skin condition knows that the effects can range between mildly irritating and totally devastating.   The physical symptoms can range from a slight itchiness and irritation to all consuming and life altering full time management of severe symptoms.

Typically, when we think of managing eczema, atopic dermatitis, itchy skin, psoriasis and even sensory disorders,  we think of medication in the form of oral pills, creams or ointments. However, skin condition treatments can range between a short term use of a mild topical corticosteroids, to a complete revamp of the patients diet, medication, and lifestyle.  

Most patients do not think of clothing choice when they consider their skin conditions.  Many are advised simply to avoid wool and synthetics and use cotton or natural substances.  

Skinnies Garments are designed with the skin condition sufferer in mind.  It is not just about comfort either!  Silk garments with antimicrobial, like Skinnies Silk, have been proven in published clinical trials to:

When in treatment, many patients are required to use topical creams and lotions that can be tricky to dress over.  Skinnies Cotton Viscose is designed to be used with medications.  Using Skinnies Seamfree Technology, we have designed our garments to:

All of the Skinnies products are designed for ease of use.  What is more, the garments are tough! There is no need to fuss over handwashing.  All are machine washable, tumble dryer and good for at least 50 washes.

Whatever the skin condition, whether it be mild, moderate, or a more severe form, we encourage you to consider adding Skinnies to your treatment regimen. Consider Skinnies Clothing as the easiest part of the skin treatment process.  It is easy to use, there is no mess and the clothes do the work for you!

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