You Need Eczema Relief!  What is the best eczema treatment?

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with eczema, you must be asking yourself (and google!) What is the best, most effective eczema treatment?

In many cases, mild eczema can be manageable with topical creams.  However, in moderate to severe eczema, itching can interfere with daily activities and make it hard to work, play and sleep. Eczema itchiness and scratching the rash can irritate the skin, making it itch even more, which, in turn, increases the tendency to scratch. This starts the terrible  itch-scratch cycle which can leave the skin open to infections and more complicated medication regimens. 

If you have found this page, you will know that eczema takes its toll on families and loved ones, particularly in baby eczema and child eczema.



Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing Provides Drug Free Eczema Relief

Eczema is not ‘just a rash’.  The best eczema treatment involves looking at the whole picture.  Medication, stress, environment, and, in some cases allergies can all play a part. Often when people are searching for home remedies for eczema,  clothing is the one aspect of treatment that is often overlooked.  Common sense tells us to use simple cotton undergarments, or organic baby clothes. Medical Studies show that organic cotton is actually not always the best choice.  Click here to learn more about the facts on silk versus cotton clothing.

What makes Skinnies Silk Therapeutic Clothing a Useful Eczema Treatment?

Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing is used as part of the best eczema treatment.  It is also used in various forms of dermatitis, acne, EB and any skin conditions that itches, gets infected or causes discomfort.
Constructed of a knitted, medical grade silk that has been treated with a patented antimicrobial, Skinnies Silk offers the following benefits:


Skinnies Silk Therapeutic Clothing is makes eczema relief easy.

Used as part of the regular eczema treatment programme,  or your natural eczema treatment, Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing  helps reduce the terrible 'itch-scratch cycle' in Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis and enhances the efficacy of natural eczema treatments and other eczema medications.

Skinnies offers immediate eczema relief and is an excellent addition to your best eczema treatment.  Start Shopping




There are many medications prescribed for eczema and science is advancing treatment all the time. Your eczema treatment plan may include any of the following medications or treatment regimens:

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about the right combination of medications.  This may take some time to work out what is the best combination for you or your loved one. 

Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing gives the eczema patient immediate eczema relief and is an excellent addition to your best eczema treatment.  Start Shopping