Skinnies Mens

Skinnies Silk and Cotton clothing for eczema and psoriasis make skin care management a breeze. Use both with your daily medications and lotions. Skinnies Silk with antimicrobial helps to manage eczema flares, itchiness, and infections. Use Skinnies Cotton to keep the skin comfortable and cool. Use for both wet wrapping and dry wrapping, or just as a comfortable underclothing. Each items is entirely seamless, with a 360 degree stretch. Only silk or cotton touching the skin. No latex. Machine washable and comes in a variety of colour choices. Add skinnies to your daily eczema or psoriasis skincare routine. It is the easiest treatment you will ever use! For more information on how to choose between Skinnies Silk and Skinnies Cotton, be sure to visit our Silk Vrs Cotton page!

  • Silk Skinnies with antimicrobial speeds the healing of eczema flares, itchiness, and infections.
  • Cotton Skinnies keeps the skin comfortable and cool.
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