Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy are all too familiar with the range of difficult side effects associated with the treatment.  Radiation treatment can induce "burns" on the surface of the skin where the dose is administered. These ‘burns’ can be experienced immediately upon commencement of treatment or even several months later.

Similarly, some chemotherapy drugs can cause side effects such as acne-like spots,  or even open lesions across the whole body including red, inflamed and blistered feet and hands.

While there are many ways to manage these side effects, clothing choice is often overlooked.  Skinnies Silk is an excellent adjunct treatment for chemo and radiation therapy.
Skinnies Silk with antimicrobial provides a soft, seam- free protection for the skin while reducing inflammation, keeping infection at bay and and providing an excellent pH balance which accelerates healing times.  Skinnies helps ease the difficult process of cancer treatment, and provides the comfort and hygiene required to help the healing.

To learn more about how Skinnies Garments can help ease the discomfort of Cancer Treatment, please visit our Sensitive Skin page!