About Us

Skinnies are a unique range of therapeutic garments for the treatment of serious skin conditions and wounds management.

Skinnies are manufactured at our own unique facility located in the UK.  We have a passion for quality, proven products and work every day to differentiate ourselves by providing excellent service by knowledgeable staff.

Why are we unique?

What makes Skinnies unique is the way we manufacture our garments completely seamlessly, this is especially important when trying to manage temperature regulation.  By removing seams you are removing points of weakness and inflexibility and it is these points of inflexibility that can move against the skin rather than with it, creating friction and heat leading to sweat and further irritation to the skin.

Furthermore, the inflexibility of seams create points of weakness that can lead to a reduced lifespan of the garment as a result of poor fit, overstretching or the abrasion of continued machine washing.

Skinnies garments also incorporate 360° stretch, which means our garments will move in harmony with your skin and not against it, offering significant improvement in comfort and temperature regulation.

Combine seamlessness with 360° stretch you have a powerful and technologically advanced clothing system to support the management of serious skin conditions and wounds.

Skinnies is distributed solely by Western Allergy Services in North America.
To learn more about Western Allergy Services, visit www.westernallergy.com